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What To Do If Your Knee Is Out Of Place?

Knee problems can be common, but treatment knowledge for patients may not be. Some may not know where to go to address their knee pain. But Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab can definitely help.

The knee is not a horribly complex joint, but it can have lots of problems due to the stress on it. This is especially for jumpers and runners.

Knees have ligaments in them and what’s called a meniscus, a disc in between the bones that exists to keep space between them. It also keeps the bones lubricated. Sometimes, the meniscus is prone to tearing, which can cause serious pain.

Muscles in the knee act as guidewires that hold up the tower. If the muscles aren’t right, it can cause the knee to get out of alignment and place stress on it.

Fortunately, Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab offers muscle testing, which is an advantage because not all clinics offer it. Muscle testing is like asking the computer (a person’s brain), what’s wrong with the body.

A chiropractor can push a knee out of place and ask the body if it senses the knee being out of place at a variety of different angles. Eventually, the body shows a little weakness, and that reveals where the knee has a problem.

It’s important for the muscles and ligaments that support the knee to be in good shape. The muscles have to be strong so the knee doesn’t get out of line again.

If a leg muscle is weak, an underfiring nerve might be the culprit, rather than the muscle itself. In that case, Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab can use a laser on the right wavelength over the nerve and get it to fire at a normal rate, reducing leg weakness.

That will give the muscle enough energy to do its job.

If someone has had knee problems for years with arthritis, meniscus degeneration, and their bones are coming closer together, the clinic offers injections into the knee.

Some of the injections are prolozone, which helps regenerate joints and reduce pain. The medical provider can also inject ozone gas, which helps hyper oxygenate the tissues. He might also inject B vitamins and add in platelet rich plasma.

To get the plasma, the clinic’s medical provider will take a little blood from the patient, and spin it via centrifuge down to get the plasma. Then he’ll spin it down again to get only the part of the plasma that has the most platelets.

After he’s narrowed down that part of the plasma, he’ll reinject it. This will give the body a whole bunch of cofactors and things that help it heal. Evidence of the meniscus thickening up from these treatments often show up in x-rays.

It’s important for patients to know they’re not beyond help if they’ve been told they need surgery or they’ve got bone-on-bone in the knee. The clinic has handled cases just like that and gotten really good results.

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