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A Few Simple Ways to Help With Knee Pain

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 11, 2020

A Few Simple Ways to Help With Knee Pain


The knee is a relatively simple hinge joint with ligaments on the side and two in the center. It takes a lot of abuse. In fact, it’s a joint that takes some of the most abuse people can dish out.


The tendency for knee arthritis is pretty high due to walking around and other forces that can put a lot of strain on it. This strain is often visible in x-rays from patients with knee pain, and one side is usually more worn out than the other.


One of the big things to remember when taking care of one’s knees is R.I.C.E.


R - Rest

I - Ice

C - Compression

E - Elevation


Joints are made to move, but they also need rest at some points.


Putting them up for rest can really take the pressure down, pulling off inflammation and swelling.


Ice is a good friend. It is the best local anti inflammatory one can get.


It can make a big difference in knee recovery. Leave an ice pack or even ice cubes in a plastic bag on for 20 minutes. If it’s too cold, put a thin piece of cloth around it. Ice has the ability to seriously lower inflammation.


Compression can help with swelling or supporting the knee. A compression sleeve will pull up over the knee and provide plenty of support and stabilization. Sleeves like this can be found at almost any athletics store.


Elevation is important if one has an injury or regular swelling. It’s best to put the knees above the level of the heart. This can reduce swelling.


Also remember to stretch the muscles on the back of the leg or toes elevated on a step. It will help keep things limber. Try stretching one leg for 10 minutes, walk around, and really see the difference.


Some distance runners prefer to roll their legs, but anyone can do it. Sports stores sell rollers for around $20, but a rolling pin from the kitchen works fine. Rolling breaks up fiber, tissue, and spasm in the muscles in and around the knee.


Rolling on a foam roller can also help relax muscles, elongate them and improve knee pain.


If all this hasn’t helped the knee pain, Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab has different solutions like chiropractics, rehabilitation, joint injections from the clinic’s nurse practitioner (these aren’t necessarily steroids, but can be things like platelet rich plasma), acupuncture, and more.


To set up an appointment and discuss knee pain, call 479-443-0800.

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