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Applied Kinesiology

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 11, 2020

kid bending over with arms in the air

Applied Kinesiology Testing


If you have been a patient at our office for very long, then you know that we use Applied Kinesiology testing in many cases. This testing is where we push your arm down and perceive any change in strength when we touch certain points on the body that relate to different problems. With this kind of testing we can find many different types of health problems that are missed by other doctors.


One of the real beautiful things about Applied Kinesiology or AK testing is that you can test children and infants for a variety of different types of health problems. As you are aware, kids oftentimes cannot describe what kind of health problems they are having. If their stomach hurts, if their head hurts, if something is going on and they just simply cry, this can be extremely aggravating to parents and doctors alike as you just have to guess at what might be causing the poor child discomfort.


With AK testing, we can really nail down exactly what is causing the child discomfort or problem and take the corrective steps. If you know anyone who has a kid who has not responded to traditional medical treatment and is searching for answers, this may a real lifesaver to them. Tell them to come in and see us to find out f we might bale to help their child’s problem.


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