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Blood Testing - Understanding Your Health

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 29, 2020

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Blood Testing at Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab

When we look at blood at Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab, we use different measures than many other doctor’s offices. We do the same test, but the way that we look at the test results is significantly different.


We perform a functional analysis on the test versus a simple analysis to find out if you have an actual disease in process going on. Many many people will have decreased function in their body in many different areas before an actual disease process starts to show up.


Medical doctors and hospitals perform tests that use a scale that is essentially a kind of pass or fail test. You have got to be among the worst 2% on the high or lower side of the people taking the test to show up as having some kind of problem. If you are not in that small area, many just ignore your results and say that your blood looks fine.


When we apply a functional assessment to your blood, we use a different scale. It is more like getting an A or B or C in a class at school. And as you can imagine it is far easier to improve your grade (Your Health) when you find it is somewhat less then perfect. This is far better than waiting until you are getting an failing grade with your health.


Using this kind of scale we find a lot more problems because our ranges are quite a bit tighter. It is not that we actually discover problem that could not be discovered by medical doctors or hospitals because we are using the same test, but we basically try to find them earlier.


Now when you find them earlier, you do not necessarily want to run off and get medication safe for diabetes, if you have slightly high blood sugar, for example. However, this is a very good indication that you should change your lifestyle and consider taking some vitamins, changing your diet, or something similar. This sort of thing gives you an idea of changes to make before you get the disease process instead of waiting until after you have gotten the disease to make some changes.


It is a great way to look at your blood! I would challenge you to encourage everybody to get their blood test analyzed by our office whether or not you actually get them taken by us.


Call us today at (479) 443-0800 or click here to make an appointment to see how healthy you are in regards to your blood tests.

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