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Car Maintenance & Your Health

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020

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Car Maintenance & Your Health

How do these two subjects relate to each other? They are actually very closely related.


  • You have to trust your doctor just like you do your mechanic. Health, just like car repairs, is often a blind item. You need professional help (otherwise you wouldn’t be there.) And if you go to someone who is untrustworthy it is difficult to keep from receiving bad advise.

For Example: Your check engine light comes on and you take it to your mechanic. He takes a look at it and says he can take care of the problem. He then takes some black tape and covered up the light so you can’t see it. “Problem solved. That will be $87.” Would you ever take your car back to him again? I don’t think so. But this is exactly what passes for quality medical care in America these days.

You go to your doctor with a headache and he covers up the problem with a pain killer. Never looking deeper to find what caused the headaches. You go to your doctor and say your back hurts. You get pain killers and muscle relaxers. Again, not solving the underlying cause of the problem. The question is never asked, “What caused the pain in the first place?”


  • The more you take care of your car the better it works for you, just like your body. You have heard, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well this has never been truer then with your body.


  • Your car has warning signals, to let you know there’s a problem, just like your body. Don’t ignore your “Check Engine” light and don’t cover up or ignore your pain, discomfort or changes in you body. You will regret it in the future.


  • The more you know about cars the better you can take care of yours. Same goes for your body. This is one area where education is vital. Know what foods are good and bad for you, know what vitamins your body needs. (There are blood tests for this.) Knowledge is power.


It is also important to have a philosophy of car care that works for you and your vehicle.


  • Some people never do any car maintenance, until there’s a problem. Then it tends to be expensive and something major. Same goes for your body.


  • Some people work to keep their car in good shape. And it can be a lot of work. Regular oil changes and tune ups, use good quality gasoline, tire rotations, change the air filter. All these things make your car run better and last longer. Same goes for the body.

    • Eat foods that support the body. Be sure that your filters are working properly (kidneys and liver) Is waste being eliminated properly?

    • Detox your body

    • Take care of it’s structure with regular exercise and chiropractic care

    • Keep a positive mental attitude


How do you tell what your car needs to have done with it? Your mechanic plugs your car into a computer and reads out what is wrong with it. Your body has the same type of mechanism. With Applied Kinesiology muscle testing we can ask the brain what is wrong with the body and take the appropriate steps.

Call us to schedule a muscle testing evaluation and find out what steps you need to take to improve and maintain your health.


But because our bodies are more intelligent than our cars, (thank heavens) we can adapt and eventually the pain will go away. This doesn’t mean the problem is gone; your body is just tired of reminding you of it every minute. But then we think, “That drug was a miracle; it sure fixed my back problem.”


If a bone or disc is pinching the nerve how many drugs does it take to get the bone to move back off that nerve? If your tires are out of alignment on your car, how many oil changes does it take to get the wheels to go back in alignment?


Find and fix the underlying cause of your health problems and you will be healthier than you can imagine. Call us at 479-443-0800 to schedule a nutrition evaluation and really understand what maintenance your body requires.