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Don’t Gamble with Medications

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020


Gamble with Medications

Don’t Gamble with Medications


I know at times I sound like a broken record when it comes to the evils of medication but many haven’t changed their behavior yet, so here I go.

Medications are not the way to health! Although drugs are sometimes needed to get you over a health problem that your body can’t take care of. Often medications are the drug company’s way of covering up your symptoms. Thereby making you think that you are improving your health.

Not all drugs fall into this category but far too many do. Some medications are sincerely needed for a life threatening problem. When this is the case they are the best option for your health problem.

However; even when drugs are absolutely needed, usually natural herbs and supplements can also be taken. Although there are some, it is the rare vitamin that has an adverse reaction with medications.

But, unless the drugs correct the cause of your health problem they will never correct it. And drugs don’t’ have the ability to correct that cause.

  • They can't put the bones back in alignment in your spine

  • They don’t have the ability to eliminate toxins (many are toxins)

  • They can’t correct a nutritional deficiency

  • They can’t eliminate allergies

  • They will never correct or compensate for a nutritional deficiency

  • They won’t get rid of emotional difficulties

  • And they won’t normalize your acupuncture system

So we are stuck treating our pain or symptoms over and over again. And to treat those pains and symptoms we use many of the various medications that are available on the market these days by prescription or not.

If you feel that you are on a medication treadmill and your health isn’t heading in the right direction, call us. Because we have a wide variety of different treatments: Chiropractor, Nutritionist, muscle testing, detoxification, rehabilitation and Acupuncture we can help you evaluate your health to determine your best path to improvement.

At Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab, we are committed to your health. Call us at (479) 443-0800 to get started today!



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