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Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020


Are You Ready to Get Rid of Your Eczema? Once and for All?!?

Do you or someone you know struggle with eczema? Eczema is one of the most misunderstood conditions that plague modern man. And it is becoming more and more common. Seems that every other commercial on TV is about eczema and some new drug to help it.

Most doctors, know how to prescribe potions, lotions and salves, which work on the outside, BUT skin problems like eczema really come from inside your body.

The latest drug that is being pushed by the big drug companies is based on the assumption that eczema is due to an “over active immune system.” That it is an auto immune disease. What this means is that your body has decided to attack itself.

But if you accept this assumption, there is nothing that you can do about it. So you simply need to treat the symptoms, the eczema, for the rest of your life. This doesn’t help you too much, but it does make the drug companies a lot of money as you have to take the drug (and pay for it) for the rest of your life as well.

The other problem with this approach is that it never gets to the root cause of your problem. The question, “What is the cause of the eczema?” is never asked.

So unless you address the underlying cause underneath your skin you won't fix the'll just deal with the symptoms.

Based on research findings and clinical experience with 30+ years worth of people trying to get rid of eczema there are a number of factors that need to be approached to correct eczema. (Just like the Triad of Health) But probably the primary factor that contributes to eczema is over consumption of sugar and things that turn into sugar during digestion.

If you suffer from eczema, try this experiment.

Stop eating sugar and carbohydrates for a period of one week. For this experiment to work you have to give up all forms of sugar. Just do it for one week and see what happens. If you see any change in your eczema, sugar is probably a factor.

Then come into our office and find out what we can do to eliminate your eczema once and for all.

Come over to the other side. Where the steps you take result in improvements in your health and the more steps you take the healthier you become. Instead of simply covering up your symptoms we find the cause of your symptoms and eliminate it.

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