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Fantastic Blood Results

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020


Working Together, The Multidisciplinary Approach




It’s a busy world for a lot of people, and with all the craziness of everyday life, one’s health can sometimes slip to the bottom of the list. Picking up extra hours at work, getting the kids to school, extracurricular activities, traveling out of town and more can quickly fill up someone’s entire schedule, leaving out health concerns.


Fortunately, Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab offers a wide variety of services that can help patients not just by themselves but with a multidisciplinary approach. The clinic brings together a nurse practitioner, chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, vitamins, and more to really help tackle all the problems a patient may be having.


Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab can help treat a number of problems from diabetes to heart disease to spinal issues and more. And it’s all because of that multidisciplinary approach with different staff members providing services to patients.


Dr. Blair Masters recently highlighted a successful case of how the multidisciplinary approach at Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab helped a long-time patient of his. Dr. Masters went over the patient’s blood work from March 2019 to July 2019 and discovered some interesting results.


The patient’s March blood work revealed high cholesterol, a hemoglobin A1C (typically used to determine if a patient is likely to be diabetic) level that was well within diabetic range, a high fasting blood sugar level and more, all causing health problems for this patient.


Knowing the patient’s history, Masters worked with Andrew Miller, the clinic’s family nurse practitioner, to change the patient’s diet, get him to exercise more, reduce stress, get on a helpful medication called Metformin for reducing blood sugar levels, and introduced him to fish oil and other beneficial vitamins.


The July blood test results showed vast improvement with cholesterol lowered into normal range, a massive reduction in his blood sugar levels, and a hemoglobin A1C that was out of diabetic range and back down to an acceptable number.


With the help of Masters and his team, the patient is working toward getting off Metformin and simply relying on better eating habits, exercise, and vitamins to manage his earlier problems with blood sugar.


And this is just one example of what the multidisciplinary approach at Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab is capable of. Masters and his team can really help with a wide variety of medical issues. To set up an appointment, call 479-443-0800.

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