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Fluoride: Is it Worth the Risk?

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020




Fluoride: Is it Worth the Risk?

Fluoride is supposed to help your teeth, but is it worth the risk?


Fluoride comes as a byproduct in industry where they use fluorine gas in manufacturing aluminum and in the nuclear industry. The bible of the pharmaceutical industry, the Merck Index, states the byproducts of fluorine, such as sodium Fluoride are used primarily as a rat and cockroach poison. It also states it is used in most toothpastes and as an additive to drinking water. Sodium Fluoride is also one of the basic ingredients in PROZAC as FLUoxetine Hydrochloride.


Historically, this substance was quite expensive for the worlds' chemical companies to dispose of - but in the 50's and 60's - Alcoa and the rest of the aluminum industry sold the FDA and our government on the idea of buying this substance, at a substantial markup and injecting it into our water supply as well as into the nation's toothpaste and dental rinse. Sodium Fluoride is injected into our drinking water, its level is approximately 1 ppm (parts per million.)


Independent scientific evidence over the past 50 plus years has shown that sodium fluoride shortens our life span, promotes various disorders and mental disturbances, and most importantly, makes humans docile, and subservient. In World War II, the Nazis used fluoride on the inmates for sterilization and to induce a docile state for control. (Reference: "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" written by Joseph Borkin.)


There is increasing evidence that aluminum in the brain is a causative factor in Alzheimer's Disease. Evidence points towards sodium fluoride's strong affinity to a chemical bond with this dangerous aluminum (remember it is a byproduct of aluminum manufacturing) and also it has the ability to 'trick' the blood-brain barrier by imitating the hydrogen ion thus allowing this chemical access to brain tissue.


I understand this is a different article than I usually write. The reason I am rocking our mental boat is because of the increase in THYROID problems we now see. Disease and dis-ease are on the rise and toxic accumulation is one of those mediators and triggers. In testing patients, we find many that are reactive and AK test weak to fluorine, chlorine and bromine. These are very active on the periodic table and displace the good elements such as zinc, iodine… etc. And thus the resulting thyroid problems.


Thyroid problems and other blamed conditions can have a toxic exposure and accumulation in their causation. I understand very well that this is controversial and you need to be aware of the controversy and get yourself and your family tested. As you know we do muscle response testing in the office. We simply place some fluoride toothpaste on the tongue of a person. My experience is that I find almost universal weakness to all of the patient’s muscles that were strong, before the toothpaste challenge. IODINE RESCUE, a supplement we carry, helps to neutralize this weakness. We also test for the Nutri-West HOMEOPATHIC METALS and give one to three drops along with TOTAL CHELATE. TOTAL GREEN AND TOTAL VEGGIE are also great products to help the detoxification process naturally.


You can look at the health food stores and they have natural toothpastes, such as Uncle Tom’s and Homeodent that contain only natural ingredients.


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