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Get the Facts About DOT Exams in Fayetteville

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 29, 2021

DOT ExamsTruck drivers know how physically and mentally demanding life on the road can be. The Department of Transportation (DOT) also recognizes the impacts of long hours behind the wheel. To mitigate any health or safety risks caused by these demands, they require truckers to have DOT exams every two years to evaluate their wellbeing. There are specific guidelines to follow when you get a DOT exam, but the many truck drivers who call Fayetteville home will be pleased to know that help is available from the doctors at Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab. 

DOT Exam Requirements

The DOT exam must be performed by a provider listed as a certified medical examiner on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. To receive this certification, providers must complete specialized training and pass a certification exam. After passing the exam, they must then join the National Registry before seeing patients for DOT exams. 

After an exam, the doctor will file a report on the truck driver with the DOT and provide the driver with a copy of the results. Drivers must keep these records updated and be prepared to prove that they have been medically qualified for operating commercial vehicles. 

Physical Exam and Lab Testing

During a DOT exam, the doctor will perform a complete physical exam, plus vision and hearing tests. The doctor will also do a urinalysis to look for signs of undiagnosed medical conditions and take blood pressure and pulse readings. A drug test is not a standard part of a DOT physical, but the doctor may request one based on your exam. 

The doctors at Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab also review drivers’ medication lists and their medical histories. Typically, a DOT exam is required every two years, but in some cases, examiners may give the certification for a shorter period of time. This happens if there is a medical condition that needs to be tracked more frequently, like high blood pressure. 

Schedule Your DOT Exam in Fayetteville Today

At Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab our doctors are listed on the FMCSA National Registry as Certified Medical Examiner and complete DOT exams in Fayetteville. Dr. Blair Masters himself has over 25 years of experience as a chiropractor and treats patients from across Northeast Arkansas for a wide range of health conditions. Schedule your DOT exam by calling (479) 443-0800 or visiting our website

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