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Grocery Shopping

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020

Asian woman grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping

Shopping is when you make decisions that affect your entire life. But these decisions are not big ones, although important. They are not like, "Will I get married?", "Should I buy this house?" The decisions you make in the grocery store add up over time.

The following list details common mistakes that people make when they shop at the grocery store:

Shopping without a list. Preparing a list keeps you focused on the healthiest food purchases, and saves time. Planning your meals ahead of time goes a long way to making sure that you make healthy choices.


Forgetting to shop the store's perimeter. Remember that the outmost edge of the supermarket contains the healthier, non-processed foods. This is where all the fresh stuff is because that is where the refridgeration is to help keep it fresh.

Skimping on vegetables. Be aware that the deeper and more vibrantly colored produce is packed with the most nutrients. Vegetables are definitely not an area you want to skimp on.

Ignoring the nutrition label. Make sure you read labels. The label helps you to identify ingredients, maximize nutrients, and compare products. Many complain that this takes too much time, but really you only have to do it once. Once you know which of each product is best, you don't have to read the label next time. On those labels, watch the serving size. Some food manufacturers make the serving size smaller than normal in order to make the food appear healthier than it actually is.


Not planning meals. If you are still not planning your meals, and if you are not keeping a shopping list that lists the ingredients for your planned meals, then you need to seriously consider starting this valuable practice for several reasons:

  • It helps you avoid "emotional" purchases at the grocery store (remember the advertising budget of those processed food companies?)

  • It focuses your meals on freshly prepared, nutritional foods.
  • It helps you avoid fast food impulse purchases
  • It helps you take control of your health

If you are ready to take the time to prepare fresh and healthy food, and serve the kind of meals for your family that will give you health and not health problems, then you need to get serious about meal planning and making a shopping list focused on fresh healthy food.

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