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Heat or Ice for Injury?

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 11, 2020

Ice and heat


Ice or Heat?

I have patients who come to me after automobile accidents or other injuries and they have told by someone to use heat on their injury. Heat on a new injury is always a bad idea.

When you have a new injury, inflammation occurs as a normal part of the healing process, but when you add heat to it, it actually increases the inflammation above what is normal and makes it harder for your body to heal in the long run.

I always recommend that you use ice or an ice pack. Here is the proper technique that I suggest for treating new injuries.

  1. Place the ice pack on the area for 20 minutes to lower the inflammation, pain, and swelling and speed up the healing process.

* The only time I recommend heat is with chronic conditions that have been with you for quite some time.

  1. Then off for about the amount of time the skin takes to return to normal temperature.
  2. Reapply the ice again for another 20 minutes

* In between it is often wise to stretch or keep the area mobile.


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