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Heavy Metals

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020

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Are they inside you and do they affect your health?

The answer is: If humans breathe, drink or eat, they are likely contaminated with heavy metals to some degree. Heavy metals and other toxins enter our bodies through all of the above-mentioned processes.

Let’s look at elements that come from burning coal alone. Research is now showing we are not only exposed to the coal burning in America but from China and other countries around the world. I recently heard in a seminar, that China is adding one coal burning electrical generating plant per week to keep up with demands.

Some trace elements in coal are naturally radioactive. These radioactive elements include uranium, thorium, thallium, radium and radon. There are other coal constituents such as arsenic, selenium and mercury that contaminate us.

Radioactive elements from coal and fly ash come into contact with the general public when they are dispersed in air and water and are included in commercial products that contain fly ash, like additives to concrete building products. These can also contain radon.

Dr. Carin Smit, a South African clinical metal toxicologist said that the situation could no longer be ignored. She said, “There is evidence of harm for these children in my care and… it is imperative that their bodies be cleaned up and their metabolisms be supported to deal with such a presence of radioactive material.”

Dr. Smit feels large amounts of coal burning could indeed have effects both from heavy metal poisoning itself and also from genetic defects caused by the low level radiation. One of the main chemical effects associated with exposure to uranium and its compounds is kidney toxicity. This toxicity can be caused by breathing air containing uranium dusts or by eating substances containing uranium, which then enters the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the uranium compounds are filtered by the kidneys, where they can cause damage to the kidney cells.

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