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I'm Sick... Now What?

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 29, 2020

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Already sick?


Once you are sick things change and you should take a different approach then when you are trying to maintain your health. If you find yourself having a runny nose, feeling you have a cold, or even the flu, take these steps and it will either shorten or lessen the severity of your illness.


First, take approximately 20,000 international units of Vitamin D every day. This is a fat soluble vitamin and does not have to be spread out through the day and you can take it all at once with no problems. Now, this dose is quite high and it is only recommended for those who are sick. So make sure to not take this high of dosage on a regular basis.

Next, I recommend is increasing your Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that is kind of hard to overdose on and it does not really matter where you get your vitamin C. The quality is all very similar whether you get it at Walmart or our office or a health food store. When you are sick, depending on the severity, I recommend up to 8,000 to 10,000 milligrams per day of Vitamin C. However this dosage is for those who are very sick, if you overdose on Vitamin C, you will get diarrhea and indicates you have taken too much.


The next step that I recommend is taking Virex. Virex is a homeopathic formula that is great for kids, but it is also something that you can carry around in your pocket and take on a regular basis to help lessen symptoms and decrease the amount of time that you are suffering from your illness. I also recommend Virex in tablets that we carry in our office. These tablets are vitamins, herbs, and minerals that all help boost the immune system, particularly to fight viruses.


The last thing that I recommend the most is oregano oil. Oregano oil works almost immediately to help improve symptoms as well as kill off whatever is trying to infect your body. Take to two drops under the tongue, breath in the mouth deep in your lungs, and then breathe out the nose. This will coat the entire respiratory system with carvacrol, which is the active ingredient in oregano oil. On top of this, often times we recommend people taking a capsule of oregano oil as well. This helps get the oregano in the bloodstream and hits the bacteria or virus from a different side.


If you are having a bacterial infection, come on into the office and we can do a quick test to find out which would be a more appropriate therapy for you. A therapy we might recommend would be for you to take a dose of maybe 5000 IU Vitamin D, then the next hour to take liquid Virex, and then the next hour for you to take some Vitamin C. You then could continue the next hour to take maybe a tablet for viruses and bacteria that have the unique ability to change their make up so that they are no longer affected by things are trying to kill them. So altering your approach can make a big difference and hitting it with something different every hour is very helpful.


These steps will go a long way toward helping you get over whatever you are fighting in a more timely manner. If you have questions or need guidance in purchasing some of the substances listed above, come into the office and let us partner with you! Call us to day at (479) 433-0800 or click here to schedule your appointment today.

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