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Omega 6 Fats

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 11, 2020

Omega 6 Fatty Acids  2

Omega-6 Fats

We discussed trans fats in a previous blog. I want to talk today about Omega-6 fats, which are far more common and I believe, more insidious. These fats are essential for the human body, however, the standard American diet is so overloaded with them.


Relative to other types of fatty acids, Omega-6 fats have honestly become the number one health hazard in America today. Omega-6 fats cause inflammation by converting to prostaglandin E2. If you’ve come to any of my classes, you are familiar with this, as I go into great detail about it, but today I want to talk about some the other ways Omega-6 fats are very bad for you.


One of the ways is how it relates to your cell membranes. Your cell membranes have a balance of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as others, make such a huge part of the standard American diet because omega-6’s are in the greens and grains. We get far more Omega-6 fatty acids in our cell membranes than any other type of fat. You have to understand that the cell membrane is where all communication in your body takes place and if the cell membrane is not functioning properly, then no communication takes place. When this occurs a bunch of different health problems follow. When your cell membrane is overloaded with Omega-6 fats, the receptors tend to not work properly, as your cell membranes altered the shape of them. When receptor sites in cell membranes do not work, a large number of different chemicals hormones and neurotransmitters cannot attach to the cells receptor sites which causes health problems.


For example, if you have too many Omega-6 fats in your cell membranes, it alters how insulin receptors are shaped and therefore, insulin cannot dock in the receptor site, then you have problems with diabetes, prediabetes, insulin resistance, and so forth. When your cell membranes alter the shape of receptors that are to supposed to receive serotonin, then serotonin cannot dock into the receptor site. This causes problems related to low serotonin levels that can cause anxiety, depression, overheating, inability to sleep, as well as many others. When your cell membranes alter the site that supposed to receive testosterone, then it can alter the way that you function in relationships, in muscle building, in your ability to get an erection, and so forth.


Everyone should take at least 4,000 mg of Omega-3 daily to counteract the Omega-6’s in their diet. Another thing that is very important is to decrease the amount of Omega-6’s that you take in. The primary way to do this by avoiding grains and things that grains are made into such as bread, pasta, pastries, corn oil, vegetable oi, canola oil, deep fried foods, soy products, soy beans etc. In doing this, you can avoid a large number of health problems that are related to inflammation, but you can also avoid things that relate to your neurotransmitters not functioning properly such as depression, anxiety, insulin resistance, lack of testosterone, and so much more.


If you are having any problems with these sorts of issues, come in and see me. We would be happy to do some blood tests or other tests to determine if improving Omega-3, Omega- 6 balance is necessary.

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