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Paleolithic Diet: Love the Way You Live

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 11, 2020

Paleolithic Diet - Love the Way You Live


Paleo DietI recommend the Paleolithic diet to a lot of people, and so many of my patients think that this diet is boring - with nothing but meat, fruit, and vegetables. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are so many things you can do that are different and unique to keep your diet fun from becoming boring and bland.


To give you an example - I was on a trip to the Virgin Islands, and we spent a lot of time on a boat. This boat was 38 feet long, and the kitchen was tiny - two people could not stand in it at one time. However, my wife was able to make delicious meals out of this kitchen on a regular basis that followed the Paleolithic diet.

One evening she made stuffed eggplant -and it could not have been more delicious!

She took eggplants, cooked them, scooped out the outside, and used that to sauté with chicken, tomato sauce, and other spices. We had a really great meal with meat, lots of vegetables, and lots of flavor - an Italian flavor for those of you who like Italian food. We paired it with wine, and had a gourmet meal using only a tiny kitchen.

You should not be worried about being bored with your food, you can have a huge variety of foods that are healthy. When looking up recipes online, all you have to do is type the word "Paleo" in front of what you are in the mood for, and you will come up with a wide variety of differing things you can make. Even things that are traditionally non-Paleolithic, such as pizza or spaghetti (things that traditionally have a lot of carbohydrates), can be made into Paleo meals.

If you have come to any of my classes, you know how healthy the Paleolithic diet is, and why you should eat that way. If you have hesitated to take the leap and switch your diet, don't wait a moment longer. Take the steps you need to take. You will reap HUGE benefits after you make this change. It's something I really encourage. If you want more information on it, I'd be happy to talk with you or give you some more information.

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Dr. Blair Masters, Fayetteville ChiropractorDr. Blair Masters, DC, FIAMA, CME

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