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Revolutionary New Knee Treatment

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 11, 2020

New Knee Treatment Sees Revolutionary Results



A new knee treatment at Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab is producing some revolutionary results. The clinic offers knee treatment of chiropractic and medical care working together to get the best conclusion. But it’s not a standard medical treatment.


A new study reported on by NBC News revealed a common knee joint treatment may actually be more harmful than initially thought.


The study found if steroids were injected into the knee joint over and over again, it can accelerate arthritis. It can also speed up the time table by which knee surgery is eventually required.


Getting steroid knee injections every six months is common for some patients, but it’s a bad idea.


Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab offers a better alternative that is ozone therapy, Prolotherapy, and biological olograph (which some people call stem cells). It’s not really called that anymore because stem cells aren’t exactly what is being injected into the knee.


The injections are tissues from outside the body that have the ability to reproduce much more than most people that have knee problems.


“It gets really exciting results,” said Dr. Blair Masters.


One patient who had the treatment said it feels like 15 years have been taken off his knees.


“It’s kind of an exciting therapy we have in our office,” said Dr. Blair Masters.


Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab offers a combination of physical rehabilitation, chiropractics, Prolozone therapy, platelet rich plasma and biological olograph if the patient needs it for their knee.


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