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Supplements: What are the Benefits?

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 11, 2020


Supplements: What are the Benefits?

So many patients come to us with symptoms and want to know what can be done. Here is a brief list of common symptoms and some common potential solutions.

Some of the supplements are easy to find, others are more obscure, but if you are having trouble with any of these we can likely help you at our office. Obviously not all the supplements are for everyone who has these symptoms.

Cold Hands/Feet - Niacin, Co-Q-10, Total Thyroid
Inflammation – Turmeric, ginger, cayenne

Joint Pain – Glucosamine, Chondriotin, calcium, See inflammation

Fracture – Vit. D, Microcrystalline hydroxyapetite – this is the best type of calcium for bone problems
Headache – Bromelaine, Valerian root, fever few, see also inflammation
Muscle Spasm - Calcium, Magnesium
Cold/Canker Sores- Enzymes, L-Lysine, Adrenal glandular, Echinacea
Gas, Bloating & other digestive issues – Betaine HCL, L-Glutamine, Probiotics, Enzymes, Fiber
Low Energy/Fatigue – Trace minerals, Adrenal glandular, Thyroid glandular
Constipation - Fiber, Probiotics,
Heartburn - Enzymes, Probiotics, Betaine HCL
Depression - DSF Formula, Vitamin D, 5-HTP, Omega 3’s, - (if you are taking an SSRI medication then 5-HTP is contraindicated)
Virus – Echinacia, Cat’s claw, Vit. C, Vit. D, Vit. A, Zinc, Elderberry extract
Insomnia - 5-HTP, Omega 3, pantothenic acid


All these supplements can be found at a good quality health food store, or we have these ingredients in our supplements that are use for these specific symptoms.

A very famous doctor once said, “If you can’t find it, you can’t fix it.” This is why we use the best avenues available for diagnosis and treatment of your health problems. Such as careful review of patient case history, muscle testing, computerized evaluations, Labrix saliva testing, blood testing, and of course x-rays if needed.


We at Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab invite you to be proactive about your health and come in for a nutrition evaluation to find out what your body may need to reach its full health potential.

Call us today at (479) 443-0800 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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