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Targeting Pain with Trigger Point Injections and Neural Therapy

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020

Targeting Pain with Trigger Point Injections and Neural Therapy


Some patients have chronic or acute pain that just isn’t responding well to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Plus, long-term use of those drugs can be hard on the liver and stomach.


Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab offers solutions for this pain in different ways, but two treatments provided by nurse practitioner Andrew Miller are neural therapy and trigger point injections.


Neural therapy involves the injection of local anesthetics into groupings of nerves, peripheral nerves, glands, scars, acupuncture points, trigger points, and other tissues for pain relief.


And trigger point injections involve treating pain in muscles that contain knots and don’t relax. It’s common for knots to be felt under the skin.


Each treatment is used for a different type of pain. For example, neural therapy is often used for acute pain, like tendonitis. These are more superficial pains.


Trigger point therapy is better for deeper muscular pain. It’s commonly used in the shoulder area, with rhomboid muscles that come down off the neck and go around the shoulder.


Common symptoms that patients should come in and be tested are simply pains that haven’t responded to other modalities. In some instances, if chiropractics aren’t working on acute or chronic pain, one of these treatments may be offered instead.


Nagging injuries can include a scar a patient had from a C-section or other surgery. Skin can get tight, but injections under the scar can break tissue up and make it more mobile.


With acute injuries, treatment depends on the cause. Patients might go through an exercise program at Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab with a nagging pain they just can’t get rid of. Injections could push them past that pain.


How soon relief takes hold depends on the age of the injury. If it’s chronic, the patient might need three or four sessions to start feeling better.


With acute tendonitis, in the thumb area or tennis elbow, patients typically respond pretty quickly. They may have pain a little later, there’s often an initial relief.


Tendonitis is kind of hard to get rid of with anything, but injections provide pretty quick relief.


As for common shoulder problems, rhomboids are hard to stretch and easy to get knotted up. The pain can be nagging and hangs on.


Thanks to nurse practitioner Andrew Miller, Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab is able to offer regenerative treatments like the ones above. He’s had years of experience with injections.


Neural therapy is a great treatment for patients with chronic pain, like fibromyalgia. This kind of therapy can help.


And these therapies are integrated with diet, nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, and acupuncture. It all really works great together as a package.

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