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The Circles of Life

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020

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The Circles Of Life – Which One Are You On?

The Circle Most People Are On

Many people live in a frame of mind that is not conducive to success. Their thoughts and the thoughts they allow into their heads from other people, block their success. This kind of mindset actually attracts failure.

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Many people live inside the circle that is pictured above. They live in a world of anger and fear, disappointment and desperation. As a result, their actions are wasteful and don’t really accomplish the things that they would like to accomplish. This leads to frustration. Then, they just want an escape from their own lives. To find that escape, they watch TV. The news, which you can always count on to be negative and other TV shows that don’t support a positive attitude. This causes more fear and anger with all their talk of controversy, murder, sickness and death. Which then leads to even more frustration and anger.

And so the circle continues…. over and over and over again. Until you die.

Sounds pretty negative doesn’t it? This is not the cycle you want to live your life on. But you have the power to change it. You can direct your life to go the way you want it to go. But it takes work and effort and persistence. But you can do it. Just keep reading.

The Circle Of Success

There is another way. And this circle is one which is entered by DECISION. It is not something you arrive at by the luck of the draw. You actually DECIDE to participate in this circle instead of the first one. There are fewer people on this circle. It is the road less traveled. Screen shot 2010-08-05 at 9.31.06 AM.png

This circle breeds success. At the core is doing the right actions. Doing things which help others and which does the greatest good for the great number. It means working toward accomplishing positive goals. This, in turn, brings on an expectation of positive outcomes. You may have noticed that people on this circle don’t expect failure. They operate on the assumption that they will succeed. Even when they fail, they take the positive from it and apply it to their next endeavor. This breeds working on the right things and not wasting time on negative things. This brings on positive results which then encourages more positive actions. It is a lot easier to expect success when you actually see good results! And so this circle continues. It breeds success.

This success all depends on how you define it. If you are working toward becoming healthy, this circle of actions will help you achieve that outcome. If you are working toward success in business this circle of actions will help get you there. If you are trying to bring an object into your life, get on this circle and stay on it and you will accomplish it.

How To Stay On The Successful Path

  1. See yourself achieving your goal.

  2. Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare to who you could be.

  3. Associate with like minded, success minded people.

  4. Build a success library.

  5. Fill your head with good stuff.

  6. Draw success from other like-minded people. Draw strength.

Success in life comes from a mindset of success. And that mindset comes from a DECISION. You either decide to walk the path of success or you decide not to. This can be a hard decision to make and stick to, but it is well worth it.

These concepts can be applied to any endeavor but since this is a blog about you being healthy consider applying them to an exercise program, changing your diet, improving your outlook. There is no end to the ways that you can apply this technique to. All you have to do is apply it.