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The Dangers of Letting Subluxations Go Untreated

Written By Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab on June 26, 2020

The Dangers of Letting Subluxations Go Untreated


Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab can help patients treat a number of problems, but most of them break down into the following six categories: structure, toxins, emotions, allergies and sensitivities, nutrition, and electrical pollution.


Structure can be fixed by chiropractors with what’s called an adjustment. When they make an adjustment, they’re correcting a subluxation. Unknown to some, subluxations can cause symptoms other than neck and back pain.


A subluxation is when vertebrae in the spine shift out of alignment and put pressure on nerves along the side of a spinal cord. When a chiropractor at Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab does an adjustment, they’re repositioning vertebrae and bringing everything back into alignment. This removes built up pressure on the nerves and allows the brain to effectively communicate with the rest of the body.


Subluxations are typically caused by three different things, the first being physical trauma like a car accident or a sports injury. Another cause is repetitive motion, doing the same thing every day like sitting at a computer desk at work. Subluxations can also be caused chemically by toxins in food, air, or water. Diet and emotions (like stress) also play a big part in the overall body of your health and preventing spinal misalignment.


The problems caused by subluxations are varied. They can cause headaches, sinus and allergy issues, digestion, hormone levels, and a number of other health problems.


Adjustments can help remove pain and treat the symptoms mentioned above by restoring balance and communication between the brain and the rest of the body.


There are risks to letting subluxations go untreated and simply living with the problems. Eventually those misalignments become worse and can lead to degeneration and arthritis in the spine.


Degeneration actually occurs in phases. In the first phase, the discs between vertebrae start to flatten, and rings inside the vertebrae begin to show signs of wear and tear.


In phase two, discs flatten more, and this leads to bone spurs forming along the vertebrae.


Left untreated, degeneration could hit phase three, where discs become completely useless, and even more bone spurs form. This leads to vertebrae being “bone on bone” without any real discs between them, causing serious back pain.


This is why it’s important not to ignore pain and come into Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab where patients can be examined and subluxations treated through an adjustment or other means. Call 479-443-0800 to set up an appointment today.

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