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Marathon Running

Woman Running a Marathon

Arkansas Physical Health and Rehab desires to help you achieve your personal running goals by providing nutritional expertise and physical health care. Through services such as acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, and supplement advisement, we can help you heal from common running injuries and achieve your running goals.

Dr. Blair Masters running

Dr. Masters, F.I.A.M.A, DC, has run several marathons himself and knows from personal experience the toll that running can take on the body. He knows about training difficulties and has the knowledge to KEEP you training, while staying healthy and pain free. That is why we desire to care for all your running needs and provide the best health care possible.

Call today to schedule your appointment and receive a FREE consultation with Dr. Masters and get back to running your dream race.

Interested in how supplements can benefit your body and you as a runner? Learn about the different supplements and how they can help you.