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Obstructions To Your Health

Triad of Health True health means a body free from interference.

In order to be truly "well" and achieve optimal health, we must go beyond solely treating symptoms and look for the true cause of sickness and dis-ease. In our extensive research and studies, we have found that true health can only be achieved when the body is free from the obstructions or interferences to health.

Health... it's like solving a puzzle.

When the body is plagued by obstructions and interferences, it cannot function properly - health deteriorates and the body moves towards sickness and dis-ease. To deal with these obstructions, one must first know what obstructions exist, how they interact with the body to create sickness and how best to treat each specific obstruction. In a way, identifying and eliminating these obstructions is like solving a puzzle.

Obstructions of health identified.

We believe there are a total of six categories of obstruction.

These six categories are: