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So many patients come to us with symptoms and want to know what can be done. Here is a brief list of common symptoms and some common potential solutions.

Some of the supplements are easy to find, others are more obscure, but if you are having trouble with any of these we can likely help you at our office. Obviously not all the supplements are for everyone who has these symptoms.

  • Cold Hands/Feet - Niacin, Co-Q-10, Total Thyroid
  • Inflammation – Turmeric, ginger, cayenne
  • Joint Pain – Glucosamine, Chondriotin, calcium, See inflammation
  • Fracture – Vit. D, Microcrystalline hydroxyapetite – this is the best type of calcium for bone problems
  • Headache – Bromelaine, Valerian root, fever few, see also inflammation
  • Muscle Spasm - Calcium, Magnesium
  • Cold/Canker Sores- Enzymes, L-Lysine, Adrenal glandular, Echinacea
  • Gas, Bloating & other digestive issues – Betaine HCL, L-Glutamine, Probiotics, Enzymes, Fiber
  • Low Energy/Fatigue – Trace minerals, Adrenal glandular, Thyroid glandular
  • Constipation - Fiber, Probiotics,
  • Heartburn - Enzymes, Probiotics, Betaine HCL
  • Depression - DSF Formula, Vitamin D, 5-HTP, Omega 3’s, - (if you are taking an SSRI medication then 5-HTP is contraindicated)
  • Virus – Echinacia, Cat’s claw, Vit. C, Vit. D, Vit. A, Zinc, Elderberry extract
  • Insomnia - 5-HTP, Omega 3, pantothenic acid

Why Should You Invest in High Quality Supplements?

Do you know what are in your supplements? Do your vitamin companies do research into its content?

Quality Matters to Us.

At Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab, one of the lines of supplements we carry is Nutri-West Products. One of the great things about Nutri-West is that they have done a great amount of research into herbs, vitamins, and glandulars that support different bodily functions. They have the most valid research and put the right substances into a pill, a supplement. This is one of the reasons we get such good results with Nutri-West products.

Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab is also proud to partner with Fayetteville local, Bio Tech Pharmacal for our supplement needs. Our patients and the quality of the products we offer is important to us and we entrust Bio Tech to provide quality supplements for us to offer to our patients.

“The health of my patients is very important to me and nutrition is a major part of every treatment program. APHR’s partnership with our local friends at BioTech has been a big part of that. I want all of my patients to take vitamin D and BioTech’s product is superior.”

~Dr. Blair B Masters, DC, FIAMA

Learn about the different supplements we offer:

Black Currant Seed Oil
Complete Children's DHA/EPA
Complete F-M
Complete Gluco-D
Complete Glutathione
Pre/Post Natal Vitamins
Pro-Endorphin Release
Total 5-HTP
Total Alpha Lipoic Acid
Total Arginine
Total Bac-T
Total Joint Support
Total Leaky Gut
Total Lipotrophic
Total Liver D-Tox
Total Male
Total Maganese
Complete Omega-3 Essentials
Core Level Health Reserve
Core Level Kidney
Core Level Lung
Core Level Pancreas
Core Level Prostate
Total Boron
Total Brain
Total Calcium
Total Chelate
Total Children's Chewable
Total CMO
Total Mitochondria
Total Multimune
Total Para
Total Probiotics
Total Protect
Total Systemic D-Tox
Core Level RNA
Core Level Uterus
Homocysteine Redux
Total Cort
Total DHEA
Total Enzymes
Total Eyebright-C
Total Eyebright-M
Total Female
Total Thyroid
Total Trim
Total Upper-GI
Total Veggie
Total Virx
Total Yst Redux
Iodine Rescue
L-Glutamine Plus
Oil of Oregano
Pre/Post Natal Minerals
Total Flaxseed Oil
Total GHR
Total Green (Protein Powder)
Total Heart I
Total Heart II
Total Inflam