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Knee Pain

Man grabbing bandaged knee

Knee Pain Can Be Devastating to Your Life

Knee pain can decrease mobility, can change your focus, and can become all consuming.

Why is the knee such a problem?

The knee takes a tremendous pounding every day.

  • For Example: Jumping off a 10 inch step with straight legs results in 971 lbs of pressure on your knees.
  • Your knee has to take very ounce of stress from standing and walking 8 hours a day at work and the rest of your waking hours.

The knee is not the most complicated joint in the human body, but it is one that takes the majority of our physical stress.

You can overcome misuse, sedentary lifestyles, and recover from injuries when we educate ourselves and get the proper treatment.

At Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab our doctors work together for you for your best results and best health.

By combining their expertise of orthopedic care, chiropractic, rehabilitation, acupuncture, and nutrition, we work to become your own personal health team.

At Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab, we like to get to the root of the problem and discuss your whole health such as:

  • Weight Loss
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Nutritional Support

If you are suffering from knee pain, there is no reason to continue to suffer. Come in today for a FREE consultation and see what Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab can do for you.