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Cooking Vegetables

Sometimes, I have patients who asked me what is the best way to cook vegetables?

There are ways that seem to be better than others. One of the worst ways to cook vegetables is to boil them. Boiled vegetables tend to release nutrients that are within the vegetable into the water that is being boiled. When you throw that water away, you also throw away the many vital nutrients and vitamins that you were eating the vegetables for. On top of that, boiled vegetables do not tend to taste very good.

Another cooking method that I advise against is frying. When I say fried, I mean deep fried with a batter coating that you often see in Asian restaurants, although some restaurants do it well.

If you had avoided eating vegetables in the past because you do not like the flavor, try cooking them in different ways. I used to personally hate Brussel sprouts. My mother used to boil them, which is a horrible way to cook a Brussel sprout as far as I am concerned, however, when you grill them or roast them it brings out the flavor in a completely new way.

I really prefer grilled vegetables or roasted vegetables. I think the flavor of these cooking styles is probably some of the best with whatever spices that you enjoy. When roasting or grilling vegetables make sure to use some kind of oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. Probably one of the best ways to preserve nutrients in a vegetable is to lightly steam it. This brings out some of the flavor, preserves the crunchiness, and also preserves vitamins and nutrients within the vegetables.

The bottom line is however you like your vegetables best is the way you should cook them, however, there are certain ways to cook them that will preserve the nutrients and vitamins better than others such as steaming, roasting, or grilling. Enjoy your vegetables!

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