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Ultra-Violet Laser Therapy Base Station

Not only was Erchonia the first Low Level Laser to receive 510(k) market clearance from the FDA for Chronic Pain, Laser Assisted Liposuction, and now the treatment of Acne. Erchonia is now offering all three lasers in one convenient unit. The Base Station™ is a perfect solution for the multiple room clinic. It is a patented, desk top model; that houses three separate, cordless, hand held units.

All three units are programmed from one control station (the base) and operate independently, powered by their own internal battery source. This is the ultimate in ergonomics, space savings and portability.

The Violet 405nm Laser

The violet laser stimulates the sympathetic nervous. Research has shown this helps the body's defenses to eliminate bacteria and other infections. In increasing the sympathetic response, it allows the practitioner to find hidden weaknesses. We refer to this as opening the door or uncloaking of the condition. The violet or DermaLaser is distinct in that it is both violet at 405nm and red at 635nm. The red has a modulating effect and stimulates more the parasympathetic nervous system. The violet laser at 405nm unlocks the door to discovery of hidden or cloaked conditions or finding what the body forgets to remember.

The violet laser gives our doctors an opportunity to aggressively treat problems; emotionally, physically, nautritionally and electrically.

To restate, the violet stimulates or speeds up the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system (revealing). Lets use this analogy; Imagine walking into a room where the lighting is very dim. You know there's furniture there, but you can barely se it because the lighting is so dim. Then you replace the dim bulb with a brighter bulb. You can now see things such as dust in the room, even the cobwebs in the corner and that broken window sill, things that you forgot about but now the light has revealed the truth and you can start to fix them. This is how the violet laser works, by shining a 'brighter' light and revealing things that were once hidden. The red is more of a modulator, in that it raises the energy level if low and lowers the energy if it is too high (healing). When used together, more improvement at a faster rate is made than any other technique.

This treatment tool is not used at every visit, the treatment can sometimes be tiring and it is recommended that each use of the violet 405nm laser be followed by the patient drinking at least one liter of water directly after the treatment.

Please feel free to ask one of our doctors or a staff member for more information by calling 479.443.0800 or contact us online.