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Nutritional ConsultationNutritional Consultation

We all know we need to eat healthier, but that can look different for many individuals. We generally do not know where to start and often feel it will be too hard.

We often have questions:

  • What foods are best for me?
  • What foods should I avoid?
  • Can I really eat healthy and still enjoy what I eat?
  • Can I afford to eat healthy?
  • I think I might have some sensitivities or allergies, how can I know?

  • Is there a diet that can improve my current health or current health conditions?

What can Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab do for me?

At APHR we are passionate about all areas of your health and would love to assist you in a nutritional consultation to help you start feeling how you have always wanted to feel.

At a nutritional consultation, you will meet with one of our experienced doctors and go over any health concerns and eating habits you currently have. Based on the information provided the doctor may ask to do one of the following things:

- Start a food diary

- Start a healthy eating consultation

- Perform a blood test

- Perform an allergy test panel

This will be a first step in APHR helping advise you on what would be the best path for nutrition, for you, and your family. Our staff will then proceed to help set you up with a nutritional plan that will work best for your needs.

Interested in getting started with a nutritional consultation? Click here to schedule your appointment!