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Emotional Release Technique

The mind body connection.

emotional release technique

It is generally accepted now that negative thoughts can produce and precipitate emotional and physical disorders; and positive thoughts can enhance health and help reverse both physical and emotional problems. To ignore physical and emotional pain is a direct threat of non-survival. Pain is an automatic alarm system built into all life organisms to warn us that the organism had better take action. Life, in its survival in the physical universe, has no patience with loss or failure.

Emotion (e-motion) means energy in motion. Emotions are not the problem. Health is affected when emotions (emotional pain) are stored and the expression of thoughts (past events or concepts) are not allowed to be felt or expressed and move out of our life. We have past experiences, family influences, and limiting belief systems that influence our decisions and the way we relate to the world. To have complete health, we need continuing progress in all aspects of our lives. We must acknowledge the past and work through old and often hidden pain, (both physical and emotional) to mold the future we desire.

The human body was found to be extremely capable of repairing itself when the stored memories of pain were cancelled. Further, it has been discovered that so long as the stored pain remained, the pain could not result in any permanent corrections. All efforts to make both man and woman vital and well (molding the future we desire) become inefficient. Complete wellness or health then depends upon the absence or the nullification of memories of physical and emotional pain.

In wellness care, we often take an energy-balance approach. The body works just like a computer; everything (including the memories of both emotional and physical pain) being recorded on the hard drive. If you can bring up the memory or concept and look at it on the screen, you can erase it just like on the computer. Imagine an old vinyl record album and scratching over the grooves so that the song (pain memory) never plays the same way again. Once you know the basic tenets of life and how the mind body connection works and acts, vital life and health can be produced, in turn restoring an individual’s full potential.

Our office uses a combination of energy balancing techniques to facilitate this release:

acupuncture/acupressure, guided-imagery, neurolinguistic re-programming, brain balance, subliminal tapes, structural improvements and low-level laser. Many times, this release can be very expressive and sometimes exhausting. This is often followed by a sense of being lighter or having more energy. Emotional and physical pain memory can often be layered, and one treatment, releasing only one layer of the problem, could require repeated ERT treatments. Each time the ERT technique becomes more aggressive and introspective both with/for the patient.

Wellness is often a journey and not a destination. We must learn and apply the rules of a joyous life. At the peak of a healthy life, one is fully conscious of himself, his environment, other people, and the universe in general. Healthy people accept responsibility for their well-being and continue to educate themselves. Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab is here to help guide you on your quest.