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Lunch & Learn

lunch and learn flyer

What is a 'Lunch and Learn'?

Dr. Masters will provide lunch or breakfast for you and your co-workers while he teaches fun, helpful, and interactive classes about ways to improve your health. We have several classes you can choose from, or if there is a particular subject that you and your office are interested in, Dr. Masters would be more than happy to create a presentation based on your interests.

Why are 'Lunch and Learns' Important?

The competition for valuable employees is high and a challenge for every company. There are many reasons for this problem. However, two reasons that are easy to solve are an unhappy and unhealthy workforce. Studies have shown that employees are not only motivated by higher wages, but will also increase production when shown appreciation by the employer.

Lunch and learns start the change to healthy, satisfied employees, and in return increases the bottom line. Making time to address employee's health and personal needs in a festive event, is the best way.

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