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Tech Neck Syndrome

Tech Neck

Tech Neck Syndrome is the term used to describe repetitive strain injuries in the neck and mid back area that have become more commonplace with the overuse of certain modern technology such 30% of young people that have neck pain now will have chronic pain symptoms later in life.

Despite young people being the most at risk of tech neck syndrome, recent surveys show only 13% of them are even aware of the long term dangers. And even less make concerted efforts to counteract the effects.

The top 3 most searched for tech ailments

"Texting Thumb" : The repetitive gripping motions you do while using your smartphone can cause the thumb's flexor tendons to constrict. This leads to painful popping whenever the thumb is bent and straightened.

"Selfie Elbow" : This is the pain and inflammation that occurs to the tendons of the elbow joint when you repeatedly extend your arm to take a selfie (also known as tennis elbow)

"Text Neck" : Also known as tech neck, this condition is caused by repeatedly leaning forward to view and operate tech devices. The poor posture leads to chronic neck and back pain.

There are ways to correct this silent yet dangerous health probem.

Woman Exercise ball

  • Chin retractions are simple yet effecive. They can be done at home, at work, or at a stoplight.
  • Placing a rolled towel behind your neck and laying on it helps reform the cervical curvature.
  • Chiropractic adjustments greatly improve posture by allowing the joints that aren't moving properly to move and reset the tone of the musculature.

There are many factors to consider and many tip, exercises, and treatments that will help make dramatic improvements fast. Call today and schedule an appoinyment for your or you young persons FREE evaluation. All young people between the ages of 5-17 can get a FREE x-ray (if needed) as a check up for this serious problem. Contact us at (479) 443-0800.

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